Commercial buildings for lease in McMinnville, Oregon

For over 30 years, Bunn's Village has provided quality commercial rental space to Yamhill county's growing businesses. Featuring flexible units, convenient access and superior visibility from Highway 99, Bunn's Village is the ideal place for your commercial or industrial enterprise to thrive.

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Bunn's Village Rental Application Form

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1. Leases longer than 1 year contain CPI increases.
2. Lessee pays water/sewer fee to lessor. Fee based upon reasonable usage.
3. Leased space is rented "as is". Lessor must approve any modifications, and leased space must be restored to original configuration at end of lease unless other arrangements have been made. Modifications (if any), to be at lessee's own expense.
4. Security deposit is required at lease signing.
5. Electric utility must be notified and changed over prior to lessee occupancy.
6. Routine maintenance such as, but not limited to changing light bulbs, ballasts, water heater repair, leaking faucets, clogged drains, etc, are to be made by lessee, at lessees expense.
7. Lessor pays fire insurance, property tax and ground maintenance.
8. Zoning is Neighborhood Commercial, and location is Yamhill County-- NOT City of McMinnville.